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Society has very high expectations of livestock husbandry in terms of animal health and respect for the dignity of animals. The term ‘animal health’ in the widest sense is taken to mean the physical and mental health of a farm animal. The research field deals mainly with the study of preventive measures for the promotion of livestock health, including research on behaviour, housing, and the characterisation of genetic health traits. With bees, there is also the additional aspect of the control of specific diseases.

The keeping and use of animals gives rise to conflicting priorities between the requirements of society on the one hand and location-adapted, sustainable production that is profitable for the farms on the other. The aim is to raise healthy livestock capable of delivering an optimal performance in terms of milk and meat production, pollination, landscape conservation and use. Research activities focus on the testing and development of humane housing systems and on the analysis of the effects of potentially detrimental environmental factors and agricultural practices, conditions and intensities of use, restrictions of natural behaviour, and needs-oriented feeding on the health of livestock (including bees and horses).


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