DOK Excursion


On Friday morning the two responsible scientists, Paul Mäder and Jochen Mayer, and colleagues will guide you through the DOK field experiment, where bio-dynamic, bio-organic and conventional cropping systems are compared in a four-fold replicated field experiment in 96 plots since 1978. It is located in the valley Leimen, a region characterized by loamy soil developed on deep deposits of alluvial Loess. An overview on associated ongoing or recently closed projects will be given (e.g., on drought stress, soil quality indicators, N2O emissions, N and C rhizodeposition, root carbon turnover, Deuterium studies, P-cycling). Principle investigators and PhDs will present new projects on soil organic matter quality and soil metagenomics. We will also discuss future research questions and potential collaboration with visitors. 

More information on the DOK field experiment here.


Birsmattehof in Therwil, Friday 11. October 2019

13CO2 (left) and 15N-urea (right) multiple pulse labelling in the DOK-experiment