Pubblicazioni Mathieu Mahillon

Mahillon M., Schumpp O.
Jaunisses virales et syndrome des basses richesses en Suisse.
In: Journée phytosanitaire Grandes Cultures. 13 janvier, Bienne. 2023.

Mahillon M., Brodard J., Kellenberger I., Blouin A., Schumpp O.
A novel weevil-transmitted tymovirus found in mixed infection on hollyhock.
Virology Journal, 20, 2023, 1-10.

Mahillon M., Kellenberger I., Dubuis N., Brodard J., Bünter M., Weibel J., Sandrini F., Schumpp O.
First report of Tomato brown rugose fruit virus in tomato in Switzerland.
New Disease Reports, 45, (1), 2022, 1-2.

Mahillon M., Groux R., Bussereau F., Brodard J., Debonneville C., Demal S., Kellenberger I., Peter M., Steinger T., Schumpp O.
Virus yellows and syndrome ”Basses Richesses” in western Switzerland:: A dramatic 2020 season calls for urgent control measures.
Pathogens, 11, (8), 2022, 1-18.

Groux R., Mahillon M., Bussereau F., Brodard J., Debonneville C., Kellenberger I., Steinger T., Schumpp O.
Distribution and intraspecific variation of Beet yellows virus (BYV) in Switzerland.
In: Rencontres virologie végétale 2021. 12.09., Ed. Agroscope, Aussois - Inrae. 2021, 1.

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