Pubblicazioni Philippe Jeanneret

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Insect pollinator monitoring in and around a netted plot of apple trees : Biosafety implications for genetically engineered fruit trees.
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Spiders indicate delivery of an agri-environment scheme at multiple diversity levels.
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Wirtschaftlichkeit und Akzeptanz alternativer Pflanzenschutzmassnahmen.
In: 9. Nationale Ackerbautaung. 11.01., Ed. Plattform Ackerbau Schweiz PAG-CH, 2022.
altre lingue: francese

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What determines preferences for semi-natural habitats in agrarian landscapes? A choice-modelling approach across two countries using attributes characterising vegetation.
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Modelling foreground and background land use impacts in agricultural systems: the dilemma of highly detailed or universally applicable.
In: 12th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food. 13 - 16 October, Virtual - Berlin, Germany. 2020, 1-6.

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