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Ammann L., Bosem-Baillod A., Herzog F., Frey D., Entling M., Albrecht M.
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Characterization factors to assess land use impacts on Pollinator abundance in life cycle assessment.
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Nesting of ground-nesting bees in arable fields is not associated with tillage system per se, but with distance to field edge, crop cover, soil and landscape context.
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Albrecht M.
Lebensraum für Insekten stärkt Bestäubung und landwirtschaftliche Produktion.
12. Dezember, 2022, 2 pp.
altre lingue: francese

Hodge S., Schweiger O., Klein A. M., Potts S. G., Costa C., Albrecht M., de Miranda J., Mand M., De la Rua P., Rundlöf M., Attridge E., Dean R. R., Bulet P., Michez D., Paxton R. J. e altri
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Different types of semi-natural habitat are required to sustain diverse wild bee communities across agricultural landscapes.
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CropPol: A dynamic, open and global database on crop pollination.
Ecology, 103, (3), 2022, 1-8.

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