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Liste de publications

Publications Valérie Hofstetter

Buyck B., Hofstetter V., Horak E., Cooper J., Bougher N.
The search for Australian relatives of the eucalypt-associated Russula prolifica (Russulales) from Madagascar reveals new Oceanian taxa in subsection Auratinae.
Australian Journal of Taxonomy, 47, 2023, 1-25.

Alfattani A., Queiroz E. F., Marcourt L., Leoni S., Stien D., Hofstetter V., Gindro K., Perron K., Wolfender J.-L.
One-step bio-guided isolation of secondary metabolites from the endophytic fungus Penicillium crustosum using high-resolution semi-preparative HPLC.
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, In Press, 2023, 1-10.

Hofstetter V., Gindro K.
Esca disease: what we know and new research perspectives.
Dans: 49th Congress of the Wine Growers M.I.V.A. 14 October, Ed. Wine growers M.I.V.A Italia, Udine. 2022, 1-19.

Monod V., Hofstetter V., Zufferey V., Viret O., Gindro K., Croll D.
Quantifying trade-offs in the choice of ribosomal barcoding markers for fungal amplicon sequencing: A case study on the grapevine trunk mycobiome.
Microbiology Spectrum, 10, (6), 2022, 1-13.

Alfattani A., Marcourt L., Hofstetter V., Ferreira Queitoz E, Leoni S., Allard P.-M., Gindro K., Stien D., Perron K., Wolfender J.-L.
Combination of pseudo-LC-NMR and HRMS/MS-Based Molecular Networking for the rapid identification of antimicrobial metabolites from Fusarium petroliphilum.
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, 8, 2021, 1-24.

Favre-Godal Q., Schwob P., Lecoultre N., Hofstetter V., Gourguillon L., Riffault-Valois L., Lordel-Madeleine S., Gindro K., Choisy P.
Plant-microbe features of Dendrobium fimbriatum (Orchidaceae) fungal community.
Symbiosis, 2021, 1-16.

Hofstetter V., Buyck B., Gindro K.
Avantages et inconvénients de l’identification moléculaire des champignons dans le cadre d’une étude de la diversité fongique des futaies de Montricher.
Mémoires de la société Vaudoise des sciences naturelles, 29, 2021, 63-94.

Buyck B., Hofstetter V., Ryoo R., Ka K.-H., Antonín V.
New Cantharellus species from South Korea.
MycoKeys, 76, 2020, 31-47.

Buyck B., Ndolo Ebika S. T., De Kesel A., Hofstetter V.
Tropical African Cantharellus Adans.: Fr. (Hydnaceae, Cantharellales) with lilac-purplish tinges revisited.
Cryptogamie Mycologie, 41, (10), 2020, 161-177.

Rossi W., Das K., Hembrom M. E., Santamaria S., Parihar A., Ghosh A., Henkel T. W., Hofstetter V., Randrianjohany E., Vizzini A., Wang X.-H., Buyck B.
Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 91-100.
Cryptogamie Mycologie, 41, (4), 2020, 69-107.

Buyck B., Wang X-H., Adamčíková K., Caboň M., Jančovičová S., Hofstetter V., Adamčík S.
One step closer to unravelling the origin of Russula: subgenus Glutinosae subg. nov.
Mycosphere, 11, (1), 2020, 285-304.

Hyde K. D., Tennakoon D. S., Jeewon R., Bhat D. J., Maharachchikumbura S. S. N., Rossi W., Leonardi M., Lee H. B., Mun H. Y., Houbraken J., Nguyen T. T. T., Jeon S. J., Frisvad J. C., Wanasinghe D. N., Lücking R. et autres
Fungal diversity notes 1036–1150: taxonomic and phylogenetic contributions on genera and species of fungal taxa.

Wang X.-H., Das K., Bera I., Chen Y.-H., Bhatt R. P., Ghosh A., Hembrom M. E., Hofstetter V., Parihar A., Vizzini A., Xu T.-M., Zhao C.-L., Buyck B.
Fungal biodiversity profiles 81-90.
Cryptogamie Mycologie, 40, (5), 2019, 57-95.

Hofstetter V., Buyck B., Eyssartier G., Schnée S., Gindro K.
The unbearable lightness of sequenced-based identification.
Fungal Diversity, 56, (420), 2019.

Buyck B., Henkel T. W., Hofstetter V.
Epitypification of the Central African Cantharellus densifolius and C. luteopunctatus allows for the recognition of two additional species.
MycoKeys, 49, 2019, 49-72.

Das K., Rossi W., Leonardi M., Ghosh A., Bera I., Hembrom M. E., Bajpai R., Joseph S., Nayaka S., Upreti D. K., Wang X. - H., Hofstetter V., Buyck B.
Fungal Biodiversity Profiles 61 - 70.
Cryptogamie Mycologie, 39, (4), 2019, 381-418.

Buyck B., Henkel T. W., Hofstetter V.
The Cantharellus isabellinus species complex (Cantharellales, Hydnaceae) in tropical Africa.
Mycosphere, 9, (6), 2018, 1209-1221.

Wang X.- H., Halling R. E., Hofstetter V., Lebel T., Buyck B.
Phylogeny, biogeography and taxonomic re-assessment of Multifurca (Russulaceae, Russulales) using three-locus data.
PLOS ONE, 13, (11), 2018, 1-33.

Das K., Ghosh A., Bhatt R. P., Chakraborty D., Hofstetter V., Buyck B.
Fungal biodiversity profiles 41-50.
Cryptogamie Mycologie, 38, (4), 2018, 527-547.

Wang X.-H., Das K., Horman J., Antonin V., Baghela A., Chakraborty D., Hembrom M. E., Nakasone K., Ortiz-Santana B., Vizzini A., Hofstetter V., Buyck B.
Fungal biodiversity profiles 51-60.
Cryptogamie Mycologie, 39, (2), 2018, 211-257.

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