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Liste de publications

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Frick R., Dereuder E., Coudry C., Raymond B., Dubois S., Mariotte P., Probo M., Wyss U.
Qualité fourragère et productivité de dérobées pour conditions sèches.
Recherche Agronomique Suisse, 15, 2024, 191-198.

Silacci P., Morel I., Joye C., Dubois S., Lerch S.
Beef-on-dairy crossbreeds' evaluation for high-quality meat production in Switzerland's mountains.
Dans: 3rd Mountain Livestock Farming Systems Meeting. 5-7 June, Ed. EAAP / VetAgro Sup / INRAE, Clermont-Ferrand (FR). 2024.

Xavier C., Morel I., Siegenthaler R., Dohme-Meier F., Dubois S., Luginbühl T., Le Cozler Y., Lerch S.
Three-dimensional imaging to estimate in vivo body and carcass chemical composition of growing beef-on-dairy crossbred bulls.
Animal, 18, (6), 2024, 1-13.

Probo M., Svensk M., Pittarello M., Nota G., Terranova M., Schneider M. K., Manzocchi E., Dubois S., Mariotte P.
Nutritive value of Alnus viridis leaves and nitrogen translocation by Highland cattle in Alnus viridis encroached pastures.
Dans: European Agroforestry Conference (EURAF2024). 29 May, Brno. 2024, 1-22.

Tretola M., Mazzoleni S., Silacci P., Dubois S., Proserpio C., Pagliarini E., Bernardi E.M., Pinotti L., Bee G.
Sustainable pig diets: partial grain replacement with former food products and its impact on meat quality.
Journal of Animal Science, In Press, 2024, 1-15.

Svensk M., Mariotte P., Terranova M., Pittarello M., Nota G., Frund D., Dubois S., Manzocchi E., Napoleone F., Meese S., Lombardi G., Allan E., Probo M.
Alnus viridis: An encroaching species with valuable nutritional value reducing livestock greenhouse gas emissions.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 364, 2024, 1-12.

Marques de Sousa A. R., Portmann R., Dubois S., Recio I., Egger C.
Digestibility of meat analogues and the influence of processing: In vitro digestibility.
Dans: Symposium on Dietary Protein for Human Health. 14 October, Utrecht. 2023, 1.

Silacci P., Morel I., Dubois S., Joye C., Lerch S.
Beef-on-dairy vs. rearing conditions: Evaluation of meat quality.
Dans: International conference of meat science and technology. 20-25 August, Padova. 2023, 368-369.

Lerch S., Silacci P., Cantalapiedra-Hijar G., Siegenthaler R., Dubois S., Delavaud A., Bonnet M., Morel I.
Blood metabolite, hormone and 𝛿13C turnover kinetic during compensatory growth of crossbred heifers.
Dans: 74th EAAP Annual Meeting. 28. August, Ed. EAAP, Lyon (FR). 2023, 685.

Lerch S., Silacci P., Cantalapiedra-Hijar G., Siegenthaler R., Dubois S., Delavaud A., Bonnet M., Morel I.
Blood metabolite, hormone and 𝛿13C turnover kinetic during compensatory growth of crossbred heifers.
Dans: Book of abstracts of the 74th Annual meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. 26 August - 1 September, Ed. EAAP, Lyon (FR). 2023, 685.

Marques de Sousa A. R., Portmann R., Recio I., Dubois S., Egger C.
Comparison of in vitro digestibility and DIAAR between vegan and meat burgers before and after grilling.
Food Research International, 166, 2023, 1-7.

Mariotte P., Grossiord C., Kay S., Manzocchi E., Aeby P., Ampuero S., Dubois S., Silacci P., Leifeld J., Jan P., Gazzarin C., Probo M.
Installer des haies fourragères pour produire du fourrage supplémentaire lors de périodes de sécheresse estivale.
Dans: Assemblée générale de l'association pour le développement de la culture fourragère. 10 mai, Sorens. 2023.
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Svensk M., Pittarello M., Mariotte P., Nota G., Schneider M. K., Frund D., Dubois S., Allan E., Probo M.
Nitrogen translocation by Highland cattle grazing in Alnus viridis‑encroached pastures.
Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 126, 2023, 127-141.

Marques de Sousa A. R., Recio I., Heimo D., Dubois S., Moughan P. J., Hodgkinson S. M., Portmann R., Egger C.
In vitro digestibility of dietary proteins and in vitro DIAAS analytical workflow based on the INFOGEST static protocol and its validation with in vivo data.
Food Chemistry, 404, 2023, 1-11.

Driesen C., Zennegg M., Dubois S., Lerch S.
An experimental PCB-contamination incident: The freeze dryer and its dark sides.
Dans: Organohalogen Compounds. 9 October, New Orleans. 2022, 43-47.

Mariotte P., Dereuder E., Grossiord C., Kay S., Manzocchi E., Ampuero S., Dubois S., Silacci P., Probo M.
Integrating fodder tree hedgerows in permanent grasslands to produce supplementary forage during summer drought.
Dans: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting. 19 December, Ed. British Ecological Society, Edinburgh. 2022.

Walther B., Guggisberg D., Badertscher R., Egger C., Portmann R., Dubois S., Haldimann M., Kopf-Bolanz K., Rhyn P., Zoller O., Veraguth R., Rezzi S.
Comparison of nutritional composition between plant-based drinks and cow’s milk.
Frontiers in Nutrition, 9, 2022, 1-17.

Morel I., Mariotte P., Faivre-Picon R., Balaguer L., Vaille A., Svensk M., Dubois S., Siegenthaler R., Dohme-Meier F., Schori F., Probo M., Lerch S.
Effects of stocking density and climatic conditions on forage and soil intake of crossbred heifers in a montane grazing system.
Dans: 7th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. 12. September, Granada (Spain). 2022, 1-2.

Ollagnier C., Mellino M. R., Pradervand N., Dubois S., Romeo A., Desrues O., Bee G.
Interaction between a potentiated formulation of ZnO and a mixture of tannins to reduce post-weaning-diarrhea in an ETEC infection model Dietary fumonisins potentially modulate sone health indicators in weaned piglets.
Animal - Science Proceedings, 13, (2), 2022, 208.

Palumbo F., Bee G., Trevisi P., Correa F., Dubois S., Girard M.
Effect of maternal diet on slow and fast growing piglet faecal microbiota and volatile fatty acids.
Dans: 73nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science, No 28. 5-9 September, Ed. EAAP, Porto. 2022, 199.

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