Diagnostic moléculaire des pathogènes des plantes: développement et utilisation de nouvelles méthodes de diagnostic

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Diagnostic moléculaire des pathogènes des plantes: développement et utilisation de nouvelles méthodes de diagnostic

The precise identification of agricultural pests is an important basis for successful and sustainable crop protection. Today, modern diagnostic equipment enable reliable molecular species diagnostics in the field. Also, advanced algorithms are available to genetically characterize organisms, enabling to study their origin as well as their distribution histories. In this project, the latest molecular diagnostic methods and technologies are being used for reliable identification and epidemiological inference of harmful and beneficial organisms. This information is an important basis for preventing the introduction of undesirable organisms into Switzerland and for the further development of plant protection strategies.

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Altenbach Denise Changins
Apothéloz Laure Changins
Bacchetta-Reo Emanuela Changins
Bänziger Irene Reckenholz
Julmi Moreillon Corinne Changins
Kellenberger Isabelle Changins
Schumpp Olivier Changins

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Debonneville C., Linder C., Viret O., Jeanrenaud M., Schumpp O.
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Sy E. T., Dahlin P.
Le nématode à galles des racines Meloidogyne enterolobii.
Ed. Agroscope, Fiche technique No. 152, 2023, 2 pp.
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Schneeberger P. H. H., Gueuning M., Welsche S., Hürlimann E., Dommann J., Häberli C., Frey J. E., Sayasone S., Keiser J.
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