Helge Aasen

Helge Aasen


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  • Protection des eaux et flux des substances


Earth Observation of Agroecosystems (EOA) Team lead

Helge Aasen

Reckenholzstrasse 191
8046 Zürich

tél. +41 58 465 11 85

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Helge Aasen

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Helge develops ecophysiological remote sensing methods that allow understanding plant-environment interactions. His vision is to improve the sustainability of our land management practices by informed decision-making - which may include selecting optimal crop varieties for a certain place with certain environmental conditions (e.g. by deploying remote sensing based high-throughput field phenotyping) and improving the management of a certain area (e.g. by deploying satellite remote sensing).

For more information visit: Helge at EOA-team

For my publications visit: google scholar

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