Publikationen Gabriela Purtschert

Purtschert G., Roetschi A., Irmler S., Von Ah U., Arias E.
Lactic acid bacteria as protective cultures for plant-based food.
In: 28th International ICFMH Conference FOOD MICRO 2024. 8 July, Burgos. 2024, 1.

Purtschert G., Arias E.
Small consortia of microorganisms enhancing the taste and safety of our food.
In: 11. Nachhaltigkeitstagung. 25. January, Reckenholz. 2024, 1-18.

Purtschert G., Von Ah U., Walther B., Guggenbühl B., Zwyssig E., Guggisberg D., Fuchsmann P., Bachmann H.-P., Stoffers H.
HybPi-Cheese: hybrid technology to decrease animal protein maintaining nutritional and sensory properties.
In: LAB Symposium 2023. 27. August, Holland (NL). 2023.

Von Ah U., Stoffers H., Guggenbühl B., Walther B., Purtschert G., Bachmann H.-P., Fuchsmann P.
HybPi-Cheese: A possibility for animal protein reduction without losing cheese characteristics.
In: MiFFI - Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients 2023. 19. April, Copenhagen. 2023, 1-16.

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