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Plant Protection: Forecasting Models, Decision-Support Tools, Platforms

Information and Decision-Making Platforms for Sustainable Pest Control

The ‘DigiPhyto’ project aims to provide producers with a set of pertinent information enabling sustainable and effective pest control. The information supplied stems from different risk-forecasting models based on a network of meteorological-data measurement stations, as well as from various monitoring studies to determine the presence of diseases and pests.

Sustainable Use of Fungicides in Viticulture

Sustainable Use of Fungicides in Viticulture

In order to reduce the use of fungicides in viticulture, this project pursues various lines of research, working on the development of alternative fungicides to synthetic chemicals and copper, developing innovative control strategies, and creating tools enabling the breeding of grape varieties that are naturally resistant to fungal diseases.

In-Vitro Conservation and Varietal Identification

In Vitro Nuclear Stock and Varietal Identification

Agroscope’s in vitro nuclear-stock collection maintains over 350 varieties of ancient and modern plants (kitchen-garden, viticultural, arboricultural, medicinal, forest, etc.). The aim of the project is to ensure the traceability and phytosanitary condition of the conserved plants by creating a database of molecular profiles. This will enable the authentication of varieties, the elimination of duplicates, and the correction of designations.