Testing the Environmental Risks of Plant Protection Strategies

PSM Landschaft Tiere Vogel

Plant protection products are not meant to have any unacceptable effects on non-target species, biodiversity, or ecosystem functions. Testing is based on guidance documents and data furnished by the applicants, and assesses ecotoxicology, bees, and the biosafety of released organisms. New scientific findings, changing requirements, and results from monitoring exercises require an ongoing review of the methods. Agricultural and ecological context, international cooperation and in-house research are important for the acquisition of expertise.

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Risikobeurteilung für Nützlinge

Risk assessment for beneficials

Macroorganisms are a common means of protecting plants from pests. International guidelines define how they are to be used. Agroscope evaluates the potential environmental risks of such macroorganisms on behalf of the Federal Office for Agriculture.

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