Evaluation of Chemical Aspects in Pesticide Registration

Pflanzenschutzmittel chemische Mittelprüfung

For pesticide registration, their behavior in soil, water, and air and possible residues in crops have to be assessed. The chemical identity and quality of pesticides and possible impurities from their synthesis must be known. 

Behaviour in Soil, Water and Air 

The behaviour of pesticides as well as formation of metabolites are being assessed in the environmental compartments soil, water and air whereby degradability/persistence in soil and surface waters and leaching into groundwater are of particular importance. Experts’ reports established for the Federal Office of Agriculture (FOAG) state requests for registration/rejection of products and for risk-mitigation measures (e.g. no pesticide use in groundwater protection zones).  

Metabolisation in Plants and Formation of Residues on Crops  

Pesticide use may result in residues on crops. Degradation pathways in crops and residues to be expected in crops when good agricultural practice is applied are being assessed. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) assesses the toxicological relevance of such residues and defines the maximum residue levels of pesticides in crops.  

Content of Active Ingredient, Impurities and Composition of Products  

The chemical identity of an active ingredient, its content in the product and any synthesis-related impurities must be adequately determined. The composition and chemico-physical properties of pesticides are supposed to guarantee their safe practical use.