Analysis and Environmental Behavior

Pflanzenschutzmittel Analytik Labor

Occurrence and behavior of pesticides and other environmental chemicals are investigated in soils and natural waters. Analytical methods are developed to detect trace concentrations of these chemicals in the environment and various studies are performed in the laboratory. 

Analytical equipment  

  • LC-MS-MS (API 4000, Applied Biosystems)
  • GC-MS-MS (Quattro micro, Waters)
  • GC-MS (Voyager, MD 800, Finnigan)
  • GC-FID, ECD (Agilent)
  • HPLC-UV, DAD, FD (Dionex)
  • FTIR (4100, Jasco)  

Current Research Projects  

  • kinetic sorption of fungicides in soils
  • analysis and occurrence of glyphosate in surface waters and groundwater
  • stereochemical aspects in the degradation of herbicides in soils