Plant Protection Products (PPS)

Pflanzenschutzmittel Traktor Dropleg
pesticide application with droplegs

For the sustainable, competitive production of high-quality foods of plant origin, agriculture is reliant on effective plant-protection products (PPP’s). In Switzerland, however, PPP’s may only be put on the market and used after official authorisation by the Federal Office for Agriculture.

The aim of the EU-compatible authorisation process is that only PPP’s with the necessary effect against the target organism and with no unacceptable side-effects for people, animals and the environment be used.

For a sound risk-benefit assessment, Agroscope experts supply the FOAG with the scientific foundations for a sound risk-benefit assessment in three areas:

  • Product Chemistry, Behaviour and Fate in the Environment, Residues in Yields
  • Ecotoxicology and Environmental Indicators
  • Use, Efficacy and Risk Management