Prevention and Sustainable Control of Fungal Diseases in Field Crops


In Switzerland and throughout the world, fungal diseases in field crops lead to significant quantitative and qualitative harvest losses. The National Action Plan for Plant Protection Products focuses on efficient, environmentally sound preventive and non-chemical methods. This project prioritises three of the most important field crops – potatoes, cereals and maize – as well as their pathogens, with the following research objectives:

  • To develop alternatives to the use of copper in organic potato farming;
  • To reduce silver scurf and Colletotrichum wilt through an improved understanding of their biology;
  • To develop methods for the thermal treatment of organic seed for the production of healthy cereals;
  • To select Exserohilum turcicum-resistant maize varieties;
  • To develop cultivation methods and organic control measures for combating toxigenic fungi in maize and cereals.

The 3rd MycoKey technological workshop

Within the framework of the MycoKey Horizon 2020 project, Agroscope hosted a technological workshop in Zurich, Switzerland from 18 to 19 June 2019. The workshop provided an exchange platform for government, researchers and companies and strengthened the global knowledge on toxigenic fungal species in wheat, barley and maize.

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Prevention and Bio-Compatible Control of Fungal Diseases in Field Crops

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Plant protection

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