Pest Forecasting and Monitoring in Fruit Production

SOPRA: Forecasting tool for fruit tree pests

The forecasting tool SOPRA has been developed by Agroscope with the objective to optimize timing of monitoring and control measures for insect pests in Swiss fruit orchards.

SOPRA is based on temperature-driven simulation models and allows the prediction of important events in the life cycle of the pests.

On base of local weather data retrieved from 14 climate stations representing all important fruit-growing regions, age structure of the pest populations is simulated and crucial events for management activities are announced.

Besides predicted pest phenologies and their interpretations, SOPRA offers pictured information about biology, monitoring methods and control strategies for the single pests.

SOPRA serves as decision support system (DSS) for the major insect pests of fruit orchards in the alpine valleys and north of the Alps and will be further extended in future.