Work Package 4 – Fruit Quality for Point of Sale (PoS)

Work Package 4 – Fruit Quality for Point of Sale – develops and validates methodologies for testing variety-specific post-harvest properties. The findings improve the decision-making basis for choosing suitable varieties (specifically for the chosen the sales channel) and enable variety-adapted post-harvest handling. WP4 focuses on cherries and plums, which need to ‘catch up’ with the other fruit varieties. 

Post-harvest behaviour (quality development) is tested under various storage conditions. The parameters to be tested – varieties, production, storage – are determined based on the experience of previous projects and in cooperation with the implementation partners Tobi-Seeobst and fenaco. The consumer test determines acceptance and willingness to pay for different qualities at the PoS, in order to evaluate the tested post-harvest process in economic terms.  


Last modification 17.08.2021

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