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Ordering prebasic material (top-graft cuttings from the nuclear stock)

Top-graft cuttings are only supplied once a year, in winter, on principle. Deliveries in summer are feasible but not the norm. Orders are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Prebasic material (top-graft cuttings from the nuclear stock) is delivered primarily to P1 and P2 cutting gardens. Tree nurseries are supplied as the next priority. If too little prebasic material is available, we reserve the right to supply less material than was actually ordered.

Prebasic material is parent material for the production of certified fruit trees. The top-graft cuttings bear the official Concerplant certification label. 



Downloads of order lists

Order list and delivery notesup-to-date for prebasic material from the nuclear stock (PDF document in german and french)
Recommendation: please print out the order form and send the completed form by post or fax to:

(Crop Protection Inspectorate)
Frau Beatrix Buchmann
Müller-Thurgau Strasse 29
CH-8820 Wädenswil