Arbokost Obstbau

A business simulation program for fruit producers and fruit extension services, Arbokost allows users to quickly and easily compare their chosen business variants with an official standard. Each comparison refers to one hectare of orchard. Arbokost standards are based on expert assessments and underlying data carried out or acquired under the auspices of Agroscope. 

The standard values are based on the usual trade literature published on the fruit species in question by the AGRIDEA agricultural extension centre in Lindau, by Agroscope, and by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG). 

Arbokost presents the cost-effectiveness of orchards both as a cash-flow statement over the entire lifetime of the stand and as a full-costs calculation for an average production year, thereby making the full range of economic indicators available.
We hope that Arbokost will help to improve the individual decision-making bases for your fruit-production investments. Enjoy making your own calculations!