Nutrient efficiency


Nutrient efficiency and resource-conserving fertiliser application

The efficient use of nutrients in agricultural production is an essential precondition for the development and optimisation of sustainable production systems, both for reasons of resource conservation, and owing to environmental pollution from nutrient loss.

Nutrient turnover processes

Understanding the nutrient cycles in agroecosystems is an essential precondition for improving the efficiency of said systems. The cycles of nutrients from organic fertilisers and plant residues play a key role in the nutrition of cultivated plants, particularly in low-input systems such as organic farming.

Long-term trials

Long-term trials with different farm-management and fertilisation systems, such as the DOK and A493 trials, allow us to study the long-term-management impacts on nutrient-cycling processes, thereby forming the basis for the further development of organic and other extensive farming systems.
Bodenuntersuchung und Laborzulassung

Soil analysis and laboratory certification

Agroscope has a statutory responsibility for certifying service laboratories offering soil analyses as proof of fulfilment of the PEP inspection obligation. Laboratory certification is awarded on the basis of standardised ring tests, based on the results of which the list of approved laboratories is published each year.