Recording Management and Land Use Data for NABO Sites

Since 1985, the farmers of selected agriculturally used NABO sites have annually recorded the management and land use data. Thus, valuable data sequences are available for 28 arable farming sites, 11 grassland sites and 8 sites with specialty crops (fruit-growing and viticulture sites).

Figure: NABO sites for which the management data have been recorded annually since the mid-1980s.

The management data provided by the farmers are verified, harmonised and compiled in a database in the Agrotech-Software. This data processing generates for each site a uniform, annually validated management list, which is complemented with a uniform code key for agrochemicals. Currently, sequences of roughly 30 years exist for about 50 NABO sites; they include detailed information on applications of fertilisers (mineral fertilisers and animal manure, intensity), applications of plant protection products and crop rotation. These management data are valuable for answering various questions regarding soil functions and soil risks and are the basis for many environmental issues and models.