Diversity of Habitats and Structures


How great is the habitat diversity of the agricultural landscape? Is this diversity being preserved, promoted and developed? How intensively is the agricultural landscape used?

The indicators for the diversity of habitats and structures illustrate the state of and changes in the pillars of biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. In the past, structural elements such as trees or streams were removed, primarily in the lower altitudes, as part of land improvement and intensification measures for improving management efficiency. The quantity and spatial layout of the structures in the open agricultural landscape therefore have some bearing on the intensity of land use, which directly influences biodiversity in agricultural landscapes. 

The indicators are: 

  • Number of habitat types
  • Diversity of habitat types
  • Spatial heterogeneity of habitat types
  • Variability of the moisture-indicator values of the plant species
  • Number of structural types
  • Diversity of structural types
  • Spatial heterogeneity of structural types
  • Length of grove ecotone
  • Length of water ecotone