Harmonisation and Expansion of Bioenergy LCI’s and LCA’s

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The development of the use of energy from biomass is highly dynamic. New commodities, new technologies and the development of the methodology call for an updating of the underlying data. The inventories for plant production and bioenergy in the ecoinvent database have been revised and harmonised with respect to their greenhouse gas emissions.

In the project, the bioenergy data in the ecoinvent database was updated, harmonised and expanded in view of current developments in agriculture and in energy conversion. Here, Agroscope was responsible for updating the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in the plant-production inventories. In particular, the nitrate, nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions were recalculated, and the land-conversion inventories were revised in partnership with EMPA. Various adjustments were also undertaken with regard to Version 3 of ecoinvent. This revision improves the decision support for all decision-makers, creating clearer framework conditions for investors and industry, and thereby leading to greater objectivity in the public discussion on the environmental advantages and drawbacks of bioenergy.


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