Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture


In Switzerland, around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by agriculture. IP-SUISSE aims to make its farmers aware of this problem, and is drafting a catalogue of measures together with Agroscope.

In a multistage project, together with IP-SUISSE and with the support of Migros, a point system is being developed with whose help IP-SUISSE farmers will be able to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions autonomously. In a first phase, the aim was to determine the most effective, most promising measures from the sectors of energy demand (renewable energies, energy efficiency), animal production, plant production, and ‘other' via a scientific process. This was achieved with the aid of an evaluation grid as well as interviews, an experts' workshop, and a literature analysis.

In a second phase of the project, these measures, supplemented by several others, are now being quantified and compared in terms of their greenhouse gas reduction potential. The performance of a full life cycle assessment for each measure shows their impacts on other environmental areas, with the result that negative trade-offs can be avoided. In addition, the cost-effectiveness of selected measures is evaluated. The aim of this second phase is to deliver the scientific basis for the creation of a ‘climate protection' point system.