Measuring Biodiversity

biologische Vielfalt messen

Agriculture and biodiversity are closely linked. The BIOBIO-Project investigates which indicators can be used to measure biodiversity on organically and extensively managed farms.

Half of all European plant and animal species live on farmland (biodiversity). Arable crops and livestock consist of countless varieties, breeds and strains (genetic diversity). Moreover, the agricultural landscape is characterised by the coexistence of highly diverse biotopes (habitat diversity). To comprehensively record this variety of life – biodiversity – is just not possible We therefore need indicators that are scientifically validated and meaningful.

The main objectives of BIOBIO are to select such indicators and to develop a recording system enabling us to assess biodiversity on organically and extensively managed farms. To allow for application all over Europe, we consider the most important organic and extensive farming systems on the continent, and even beyond, in this EU FP7 Project.

The end result will be a guideline for the application and interpretation of the tested indicators. The said guideline is intended to help farmers, NGOs and conservation organisations in the assessment of biodiversity. It will provide the responsible individuals with knowledge to take better measures for promoting biodiversity. In this way, animals and plants will continue to have a home on our farmland.