Model Extension

Link between SWISSland and LCA tool

The SWISSland results can serve as inputs for other models, e.g. for analysing the impact of certain agricultural-policy scenarios on soil function, or on agricultural life-cycle assessments. Although both economic and ecological models are based on the production activities of a system, they examine different effects: SWISSland analyses the monetary impacts and the decision behaviour of the model agents as a function of changing framework conditions, whilst environmental models provide information on the impact of important ecological parameters. In particular, the life-cycle assessments study direct and indirect energy and substance flows, and their effects on important environmental spheres.

Although SWISSland can be linked to life-cycle assessment software via an output tool to determine the environmental impact, feedback to the model based on the results of the LCA is not currently possible. Agent decision options, such as a switch to particularly resource-efficient or climate-friendly cultivation methods and the associated ecological effects, have not yet been modelled.