Teleagronomy for Apple and Cacao Crops

Perennial crops such as cacao (left) and apples are ideally suited to teleagronomy

Developed by EnvEve (Manno, CH) in partnership with Agroscope, Syngenta and Nestlé, the ‘Agronomeet’ data platform allows producers to combine and log data from a wide range of sources such as sensors, weather stations and databases.


Agronomeet is compatible with many hardware systems – for example, the data from Agroscope and Sensorscope loggers are transmitted from Switzerland and from Brazil via the internet.

Example of an automatic analysis of dendrometer data from cacao trees.
Green: Trunk-diameter growth over time (µm). Blue, red and black dots indicate the minimum and maximum daily values, as well as the watershed events. These serve to determine the prevailing water stress.

SOPRA : The SOPRA algorithms developed by Agroscope model the course of development of 10 different pests.  Farms can follow the evolution of the pest populations, which are based on the values of their own weather station (if they have one).

The project was supported by Innosuisse, Nestlé and Syngenta.



Further Information


Cacao Cultivation in the Semi-Arid Climate

As part of a joint project with farms in Brazil, cacao is now being cultivated in a semi-arid climate. The aims were to discuss the potential for cultivating cacao in these regions, and to improve the production systems.


Automatic Irrigation of Apple Orchards

Automatically controlled irrigation systems enable significant water savings and allow us to water the plants in a targeted manner. Users can permanently monitor soil moisture online.