Site-Specific Overseeding of Meadows

Prototype for site-specific overseeding of meadows produced by Krummenacher AG, Dietwil

Patchy meadows can be repaired through overseeding. Where the entire acreage is being overseeded, however, a great deal of seed lands on subareas with a closed sward. There the seed spoils, suppressed by the established plants.

In collaboration with CSEM, the town of Neuchâtel and Krummenacher Saattechnik AG, Agroscope has now developed an efficient sowing method for site-specific meadow overseeding. Bare patches in the sward are detected by means of a camera and the seed is selectively applied to the patchy subareas.  The method allows up to 70% of the seed to be saved. This makes overseeding an attractive proposition even for only slightly patchy meadows, which could have a positive effect on forage quality and yield.