Milk and Meat Production Technologies

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  • To develop recommendations for optimising animal-husbandry systems (for beef- and dairy cattle) on the basis of a systemic evaluation that takes economic, environmental and social parameters into consideration;
  • To develop monitoring and decision-support systems in order to boost efficiency and improve the quality of life of producers;
  • To help develop and evaluate digital and sensor-based technologies for monitoring animal welfare, to allow for the early recognition of disorders as well as nutritional and keeping deficits.

Projects / Technologies

  • LoRaWAN (Long-Range Wide-Area Network)
    Improved real-time tracking of animals, e.g. on the alpine pasture. The new LoRaWAN data transmission technology makes this possible.
  • Smartbow®
    Location tracking and recording of rumination and activity behaviour to monitor animal health and welfare.
  • Rumiwatch
    Health monitoring in cattle husbandry through monitoring of rumination behaviour and analysis of feeding behaviour on pasture as a management decision-making tool.
  • HF-RFID ear tags 
    Use of new ear tags to develop a cost-effective health monitoring system for dairy and beef cattle. Such a system could also reduce administrative expenditure.
  • Automated grass measurement tool (Grasshopper®, drones, Harvestlab™)
    Optimisation of pasture management and protein supply through automated measurement of pasture growth and quality.
  • Activity sensor on teat-cup cluster
    Monitoring of animal welfare during milking.
  • Economic and ergonomic assessments of technologies 
    Commercial assessment, e.g. of milking robots.
    Comparison of working time requirements of traditional and modern technologies. 


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Posieux ruminants on pasture


Over two-thirds of the useful agricultural area in Switzerland consists of grassland, which is why ruminant husbandry is an important pillar of Swiss agriculture. Thanks to the high-quality grassland forage produced in Switzerland, milk and meat can be produced in an ecologically efficient manner with minimal use of concentrates.

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RumiWatch - The Grazing Movie
The aim is to enable an estimate of the feed intake of grazing dairy cows. The series of tests for this enhancement were conducted at the Posieux site.