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Varietal Selection and Development for Sustainable Viticulture

Agroscope safeguards the biodiversity of traditional and indigenous Swiss grape varieties, selects the most promising clones for viticulture, and ensures the distribution of the plants through the certification channel. The creation of new high-quality varieties that are resistant to vine diseases contributes to a drastic reduction in the use of plant-protection products in viticulture.


Developing Cultivation Techniques to Produce High-Quality, Balanced and Sustainable Wines

Reducing inputs and conserving natural resources are major challenges for a sus-tainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable viticulture sector. In order to achieve the maximum potential of the Swiss wine-producing regions, Agroscope develops cultivation techniques and farming systems that ensure the best possible match between soil, climate and grape variety.

Improvement and Analysis of the Quality of Swiss Wines

Improvement and Analysis of the Quality of Swiss Wines

Swiss wines need to stand out for their excellent quality and added value compared to industrial or imported products. Oenological and analytical research is being conducted to reveal wine expression and terroir and to guarantee stability whilst reducing the use of sulphites.

Previous Projects


Improving the Quality of Swiss Wine and Oenological Techniques

To develop techniques that will enable a type of wine to be created that is at the same time of recognized quality and high nutritive characteristics (natural antioxidants).


Wine Quality

Analytical, microbiological and sensory follow-up of Agroscope’s viticulture material, plants in stock (rootstock, scions) and of finished wine (ageing of musts, grape harvesting, fermentation).