Plant Production



Recycling Wood Residues for Sustainable Agricultural Systems

This project aims to store soil organic matter, restore the fertility of agricultural soils and control weeds by recycling wood residues. The residues are incorporated or spread on the surface in a field trial. The effects of wood residues on soils, oilseed rape, wheat crops as well as on weeds are studied


Controlling Root Knot Nematodes: a New Screening Test Identifies Bacterial Antagonists

The root knot nematode (RKN) Meloidogyne incognita causes damage in field and greenhouse crops. Agroscope researchers have developed a new screening test to identify bacteria that antagonise this agricultural pest.
Apfel Obstgarten Wädenswil


SRF’s ‘Einstein’ Programme on Apple Breeding

On Thursday evening, 26 October 2023, Swiss broadcaster SRF’s ‘Einstein’ programme was all about how new apple varieties arise and what role new breeding methods could play here. The programme will highlight the close cooperation in this field between Agroscope and ETH Zurich.