All Tools for Effective Plant Protection



The environmentally-sound production of high-quality foods is one of the most important challenges facing us at present. The Agrometeo website provides decision-making tools and information for optimal crop protection.

Pest Forecasting and Monitoring in Fruit Production

The forecasting tool SOPRA has been developed by Agroscope with the objective to optimize timing of monitoring and control measures for insect pests in Swiss fruit orchards.



Decision support system to control late blight in integrated as well as organic potato production.



Information system to assess the risk of Fusarium infection and DON contamination in wheat. For registered wheat plots, downloads are available for daily values and infection-risk maps as well as forecasts of DON contamination.

Gemuesebau Info

Gemüsebau Info (Vegetable Production Info) Free of Charge on Agroscope Website!

Make sure you have the latest information from Agroscope on plant protection in vegetable production! From spring to autumn, Gemüsebau Info (available in German and French) brings you a weekly roundup of information on the current infestation situation and on plant protection in the crops. A compilation of the latest changes in plant-protection product approvals for vegetable production is included several times yearly.