Refining Sustainability Assessment


Agroscope wishes to refine its sustainability assessment competencies. It has therefore reorganised a Research Division.

Agroscope wishes to refine its competencies in sustainability assessment, agri-food systems analysis and the environmental modelling of agricultural and environmental policy measures, coupled with agroeconomic modelling. For this reason, the ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ Research Group became the ‘Competitiveness and System Evaluation’ Research Division back in 2021, which will be known as the ‘Sustainability Assessment and Agricultural Management’ Research Division from 1 January 2022. Thanks to efficiency gains from the new Site Strategy, new posts in rural sociology, agroeconomics and life cycle assessment have also been created. The opportunity was taken to reorganise the Groups in the Research Division to enable the objectives set to be tackled as efficiently as possible.

The ‘Sustainability Assessment and Agricultural Management’ Research Division consists of five Research Groups: ‘Digital Production’, ‘Socioeconomics’, ‘Economic Modelling and Policy Analysis’, ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ and ‘Managerial Economics in Agriculture’.



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Research Division Sustainability Assessment and Agricultural Management

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