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Working together with three other partners from the private sector, Agroscope coordinates the Horizon 2020 project OptiSignFood, which aims to provide the basics for more efficient, more environmentally friendly food production.


Food manufacturers are faced with the challenge of producing high-quality, safe, tasty, environmentally friendly and healthy food. Because the food sector has a major impact on the environment and health, the OptiSignFood project will be developing a tool for simultaneously optimising quality, safety, environmental impacts and nutritional value. The interaction between a system-oriented research approach and the active cooperation of private stakeholders is viewed as a key factor for the success of the project.

The name of this Horizon 2020 project, ‘OptiSignFood’, is short for “Data Science and AI-assisted holistic software to digitally design optimised high quality and safe food products with minor environmental impact”. Agroscope will receive around 700,000 euro of the three million euro allocated to the project. Thomas Nemecek of the Agroscope ‘Life-Cycle Assessments’ Research Group will coordinate the project, which will start in July 2021 and run for three years. Agroscope will determine the environmental impacts of numerous raw materials and processing methods, as well as develop indicators for nutritional values and impacts on health. This will create a basis for the quicker, more targeted development of products, for reducing environmental impacts, for improving nutritional values and for promoting health – which in turn will allow a reduction in the number of product development trials.


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