Climate Change: Pests in Agriculture and Forestry

Potential future shifts of favourable areas for host plants and pests.

Global changes pose both risks and opportunities for agriculture and forestry. Results from forecasting models can inform future management strategies. Agroscope investigates potential land-use opportunities arising from climate change in Europe as well as the risks associated with the introduction and establishment of novel insect pests. The results show that interactions between pests and host plants are on the increase, and that land uses overlap with ever-increasing frequency. The challenge will consist in effectively exploiting new opportunities in order to create diversified local agricultural and forestry sectors while controlling pests and reducing the use of plant protection products.


Research Project

Climate Risks for Agriculture: Adaptive Strategies

Climate change affects Swiss agriculture too: temperatures are rising, precipitation patterns are changing, and extreme events are on the increase. The KlimAdapt project explores current and expected climate risks, and develops scientific principles for the planning of adaptive measures such as the selection of suitable varieties for plant production.

Strategic Research Field

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