The 3rd MycoKey technological workshop


Prevention and integrated control of mycotoxins in wheat, barley and maize

Within the framework of the MycoKey Horizon 2020 project, Agroscope will host a technological workshop in Zurich, Switzerland from 18 to 19 June 2019.

The workshop will provide an exchange platform for government, researchers and companies and will strengthen the global knowledge on toxigenic fungal species in wheat, barley and maize.

A panel of experts will discuss the main strategies related to prevention and integrated control of mycotoxins, focusing on:

  • Cropping factors to prevent mycotoxins in small-grain cereals
  • Breeding for resistance in cereals and maize
  • Grain cleaning solutions in industry
  • Multi-mycotoxin rapid screening methods
  • Consumer protection issues
  • Suppression of fungal inoculum through intercrops or biofumigation
  • Biological control with fungal antagonists
  • Prevention strategies – a cereal stakeholders perspective
  • Presentation of the MycoKey App for mycotoxin management in wheat and maize

An excursion to the Bühler innovation campus as well as a visit of experimental fields at Agroscope are included in the programme.

We encourage scientists, growers, cereal and food/feed industry stakeholders to join this interactive international meeting!