Crans-Montana is located in the central part of the canton Valais. It is accessible by private cars or public transport. The closest airport is Geneva Airport (approx. 2h 30min. by public transport), Zürich Airport is slightly further away (approx. 3h15 min. by public transport).

Address of the venue
Grand Hôtel du Parc
Route du Parc 5, 3963 Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Private cars
From Geneva/Lausanne/Vevey/Bern: Take the motorway A9/E62 in direction Sion/Simplon. Get passed Sion and leave the motorway at the exit 28 Sierre-ouest. Traffic panels will then indicate the way to Crans-Montana.

From Italy/Brig/Visp: Take the main road direction Sion/Lausanne. Do not go on the motorway A9 at the entry at Sierre-est, but follow the traffic panels, which will indicate the way to Crans-Montana. However, if you are on the motorway, leave it at exit 28 just after the tunnel and follow then the traffic panels.

For the motorway, you need to pay toll in form of a sticker, which you buy when you enter Switzerland. The price is 40 CHF, it is valid the whole year 2020 and has no distance limit.

Public transport
From the airports or any train station take a train to “Sierre/Siders” (this is the official name). There you can take a bus at the train station to Crans-Montana or you can walk to the cable car station (“funiculaire” in French). The distance is approx. 200 m, a red line on the soil indicates the way. You take the cable car to the final stop, “Montana Gare”. From there you walk to the hotel (1 km) or take a taxi. Or you take a bus from “Montana Gare” to the “Montana-Ycoor” stop, from where it is 400 m walk to the hotel.

Information on the public transport system in Switzerland are available on, including the purchase of tickets.