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Apfel  Brombeere Salat

Quality of Plant Products

“Healthy, resource-saving, value-oriented yet enjoyable” – that’s the motto of the Qual-3P Project. The aim of the project is to maintain and improve the quality of domestic plant products – especially fruit and vegetables – from harvest to the consumer’s plate or glass. Here, the focus is on strengthening the role of plant products both in the human diet and in the production of high-quality foodstuffs.

Nacherntequalitaet Microbione

Less Food Waste and Higher Post-Harvest Quality of Fruit and Vegetables

The quality of plant products can decrease post-harvest owing to physiological or microbial damage. This leads to high losses along the value chain. Through innovative research and knowledge transfer, the project ‘Post-Harvest Quality of Fruit and Vegetables’ aims to increase quality, and thus reduce losses. This in turn contributes to the resource-efficient production of plant products.