Phytopatology and Zoology in Fruit and Vegetable Production

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Research Project

Apfel Pilz Faul

Developing New Strategies for Controlling Fungal Diseases in Fruit Production

Fruit crops are threatened by numerous fungal diseases. Plant protection measures are essential for guaranteeing good internal and external fruit quality for consumers in spite of this threat. The aim of this project on fungal diseases in fruit production is to highlight options and strategies for sustainable, lower-risk PPP use.


Studying Fruit Diseases and Pathogens and Developing Sustainable Control Measures

In the ‘Fruit Diseases and Pathogens’ project, alternative plant protection strategies are developed to control the fire-blight pathogen and bacterial canker. This involves the testing and optimal application of lower-risk plant protection products and the researching of microbial antagonists. In addition, modern sequencing technology helps us to determine the diversity of, and accurately identify, quarantine pathogens.


Integrated Control of Spotted-Wing Drosophila

The sudden appearance of Drosophila suzukii in Switzerland in 2011 and the significant local economic damage this caused in commercial fruit production rattled extension workers and producers alike. Viable prevention and control strategies are now emerging that go far beyond chemical plant protection. Agroscope researches to develop solutions for minimising yield losses, and supports the anchoring of these solutions in practice.