Ecological Plant Protection in Field Crops

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Research Projects


Prevention and Sustainable Control of Fungal Diseases in Field Crops

The project provides the basis for the sustainable control of diseases in potatoes, cereals and maize. This is predicated upon a detailed knowledge of the biology of the pathogens, obtained through laboratory, climate-chamber and field trials. Based on the findings, we develop preventive and bio-compatible strategies that enable producers to produce high-quality, safe foods.


Sustainable Pest Control in Arable Farming and Grassland

This project develops innovative solutions for controlling the most important pests in arable production, thereby contributing to the further development of sustainable plant protection.

Plant Protection: Forecasting Models, Decision-Support Tools, Platforms

Information and Decision-Making Platforms for Sustainable Pest Control

The ‘DigiPhyto’ project aims to provide producers with a set of pertinent information enabling sustainable and effective pest control. The information supplied stems from different risk-forecasting models based on a network of meteorological-data measurement stations, as well as from various monitoring studies to determine the presence of diseases and pests.


«IP+»: Research to Reduce the Use of Plant-Protection Products in Arable Cropping Systems

‘ IP+’ aims to develop agricultural practices that allow for maximum reduction in the use of pesticides by including and combining biological approaches to pest control.