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Higher productivity thanks to new technologies? Key work-economics figures for evaluating work and production processes

It is only by identifying weak points and optimising workflows that the scarce and expensive resource of labour can be used in the best possible way. Detailed knowledge of the working-time requirement of agricultural activities provides the basis for this. The aim is for new technologies to make workflows even more productive, and help improve the competitiveness of Swiss farms.


Digitisation makes Milk Production more Sustainable and more Efficient

How do we improve animal welfare and make workflows more efficient? Agroscope is developing basic principles for digitisation in milk production. This contributes to a more efficient, more animal-friendly agricultural sector. Optimised pasture management and smart systems for health monitoring offer a major potential for improvements in animal husbandry, for the benefit of both humans and animals.


Better Understanding of the Interface between Animals and Technology

In addition to profitability and quality assurance, mechanised milk production must also take animal welfare into account. This can only be ensured by optimal interaction between the animal and technology. Agroscope research is geared to animal-friendly milking technology.

Livestock Husbandry: Assessing Sites and Odour Impacts

Odour from animal husbandry can be a nuisance for local residents where there are local flows with a fairly large range of odour dispersion. Agroscope develops methods for a more targeted site assessment, in order to take better account of the type and location of the farm on the specific site. This allows us to derive recommendations for the planning of animal-housing facilities, for the choice of site, and for the avoidance of odour complaints.