Request for Collaboration in a Research Project


Are you interested in collaborating with Agroscope in a research project? To help us examine and coordinate your request as efficiently as possible, please complete the following questionnaire.

Please note that Agroscope can only become involved in a project if specific conditions such as the following are met:

  • The topic is of demonstrated scientific relevance.
  • The research question must be closely linked to Agroscope’s current Work Programme (for details, see Agroscope’s Strategic Research Areas).
  • The research must be conducted independently, and publication of the findings must be possible.
  • The capacity required for the research is available, or can be obtained.
  • The costs of the research project must therefore be largely covered by the client(s).
  • The planning of the experiments involving animals requires some time, and animal experiments require the approval of higher authorities. Depending on the availability or otherwise of the experimental animals/housing, there may be delays in starting the experiment.

Agroscope is neither responsible nor involved in the following:

  • Agroscope does not serve as an agency for approving fertilisers, plant-protection products (PPPs) or other products.
  • Agroscope only conducts product testing in exceptional cases. This possibility must be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

The questionnaire serves as an initial clarification and assessment of your request, so please be succinct. Further details can be discussed in a personal meeting at a later date.

We thank you for your interest and the additional information concerning your request on the questionnaire. We will examine the possibility of a research cooperation in-house and get back to you as quickly as possible.


Last modification 25.05.2021

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