Publikationen Thomas Bucheli

Thomas D. Bucheli, Franziska Blum, André Desaules, Örjan Gustafsson
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, black carbon, and molecular markers in soils of Switzerland.
Chemosphere, 56, 2004, 1061-1076.

Peter Schmid, Erika Gujer, Markus Zennegg, Thomas D. Bucheli, André Desaules
Correlation of PCDD/F and PCB concentrations in soil samples from the Swiss soil monitoring network (NABO) to specific parameters of the observation sites.
Chemosphere, 58, 2004, 227-234.

Rahel Brändli, Thomas Kupper, Thomas Bucheli, Franz X. Stadelmann, Joseph Tarradellas
Occurrence and relevance of organic pollutants accounting particularly for compost, digestate and organic residues (Literature Review).

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