Sortenprüfung Kern- und Steinobst

Sortenprüfung Kirsche Zwetschge

Variety testing at Agroscope involves the testing of new domestic and foreign varieties of fruit and rootstock. The aim is to test their suitability for cultivation in the different regions of Switzerland, their agronomic performance, and their market viability, in order to identify varieties with significant value-added compared to the usual commercial varieties. This brief encompasses everything and everyone from consumers, storage and orchards to nurseries. The unbiased and comprehensive testing of new varieties is a key task performed by Agroscope for the Swiss fruit sector, and serves as an important decision-making tool for long-term investments by production and trade.




Prüfung qualitativ hochwertiger, leistungsfähiger und robuster neuer Kern- und Steinobstsorten für einen umweltschonenden, innovativen und wirtschaftlichen Schweizer Obstbau

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