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GCIRC technical meeting 2013

The International Consultative Group of Research on Rapeseed, GCIRC, is an international association interested in scientific and technical advances made in the production and uses of oilseed rape and cruciferous crops

Veranstaltung GCIRC technical meeting 2013
Ort Nyon / Switzerland
Veranstalter Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG and Agroscope
Datum Beginn: 28.04.2013
Ende: 01.05.2013
Sprache Englisch
Kosten The cost for delegates will be communicated in the next annoucement
Anmeldefrist Beginn: 01.09.2012
Ende: 01.02.2013

Typ: PDF
GCIRC first announcement
Gültig ab 08.06.2012 | Grösse: 745 kb | Typ: PDF

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