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Swiss research into agriculture, nutrition and the environment

Agroscope belongs to the Federal Office for Agriculture.

Agriculture for people and the environment: Our research is aimed at providing healthy food and a region pleasant to live in.

Goal and purpose
Agroscope is the driving force in agricultural research for sustained economic activity in the agricultural, nutritional and environmental sectors. Agroscope develops scientific knowledge and basic technical principles for agricultural and environmental policy decisions and their legal implementation.

Agroscope is geared towards the needs of its service recipients, including:

  • People who work in agriculture
  • Consumers
  • Publicity and administration

Agroscope encourages a multifunctional and competitive Swiss agriculture, and focuses on economical, ecological and social issues. Agroscope orients itself towards future challenges and gives due significance to cross-disciplinary and innovative system approaches. Agroscope operates in an application-oriented manner.

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The purpose of Agroscope is the precise view on agriculture: The name is composed of the Greek words «agrós» (field) and «skopein» (to consider, to observe).

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