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Hotel booking will not be charged by the organizers. Each participant must book their accommodation themselves directly with the hotel.
We have pre-booked rooms in three hotels that you have to contact directly without passing through online reservations.
This pre-booking will be valid until May 1st 2013. After this date the pre-booked rooms will not be guaranteed.

At the time of your booking you have to mention « Meeting IOBC Ascona »

Hotel Ascona
Via Collina
CH-6612 Ascona, Switzerland
Phone: +41 91 791 11 81

Hotel Piazza
Piazza Giuseppe Motta 29
CH-6612 Ascona, Switzerland
Phone: +41 91 791 11 81

Albergo al Porto
Piazza G. Motta
CH-6612 Ascona, Switzerland
Phone: +41 91 785 85 85

The hotel Ascona is within a 10-minute walk from the hotel Piazza and Albergo al Porto.

Different possibilities to make a reservation are available at the website :

Reservations in hotels in Locarno, a city that is located 5 km from Ascona, or surroundings are possible, but it will be necessary to use a private car or public transport.


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