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Bee Research Centre

The Swiss Bee Research Centre belongs to Agroscope in Liebefeld-Bern. The Swiss Bee Research Centre works in the frame on the federal agricultural research for the needs of Swiss beekeepers. It supplies scientific and technical know-how for the benefit of beekeepers and of all concerned.
Festschrift 100 Jahre Schweizer Bienenforschung Liebefeld
P. Fluri, A. Imdorf, J.D. Charrière, P. Gallmann (2007) Commemorative volume 100 years Swiss Bee Research (Document in German and in French, please choose the corresponding language)


The superordinate objective is the realisation of ecological and economical beekeeping for plant pollination and the production of high quality bee products.

A practical objective for apicultural counselling is: every beekeeper knows the Good Apicultrual Practice. Other objectives are: professional harvesting of honey and the maintainance of healthy bee colonies.


The aim of the activity of the Swiss Bee Research Centre is to meet the expectations of practical beekeeping and of other important institutions and interest groups of the country. The Swiss Bee Research Centre carries out field and laboratory trials for practical application in beekeeping. Also, it collects scientific know-how by national and international networking.
Schematic representation of the centre's bee research activity

Who are our clients?

  • Beekeepers and Beekeeping organisations
  • Governemental offices for: Agriculture, Health, Swissmedic, Veterenary, Enviorenment, Forests and Landscape; Cantonal services for: Veterenary and Food Inspection
  • Federal Research Institutes, Universities and Technical Colleges
  • EU and world-wide organisations
  • Business firms
  • Media
  • Consumers, general public

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