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Agroscope good food, healthy environment

The research of Agroscope is aimed at providing safe and flavoursome food, a healthy environment and an innovative and competitive agriculture! Research into agriculture, nutrition and the environment is an investment in the foundations of our future.

New Publications

Optimizing the LCA data processing for food products in the context of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: challenges and opportunities.
In: 9th International Conference LCA Food 2014. 08.10. - 10.10., Publ. American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, ACLCA, San Francisco, California. 2014, 1-7
Projet Lactobeef: Problématique et démarches.
In: Journée thématique Lactobeef. 26 août, Publ. Agroscope, Alpage de Corjon, Rossinière. 2014, 1-37


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