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Agroscope good food, healthy environment

The research of Agroscope is aimed at providing safe and flavoursome food, a healthy environment and an innovative and competitive agriculture! Research into agriculture, nutrition and the environment is an investment in the foundations of our future.

New Publications

Newsletter Drosophila suzukii / Juli 2016.
Agroscope Transfer. 141, 2016, 1-4
Fact Sheet MARAVA Perennial Ryegrass (2n) Lolium perenne : Version: 21.06.2016.
Publ. Agroscope, Zürich. 2016, 1 pp.
Ackerbohne Vicia faba L. (Pferdebohne, Saubohne) : Futtermittelkatalog.
Publ. Agroscope und HAFL, Posieux und Zollikofen. 2016, 2 pp.
Erwinia gerundensis sp. nov., a cosmopolitan epiphyte originally isolated from pome fruit trees.
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. 66, (3), 2016, 1583-1592
Fact Sheet NUMIDA Italian Ryegrass (4n) Lolium multiflorum La : Version: 21.06.2016.
Publ. Agroscope, Zürich. 2016, 1 pp.
Fact Sheet MILONIA Red Clover (2n) Trifolium pratense : Version: 21.06.2016.
Publ. Agroscope, Zürich. 2016, 1 pp.
Was hat die Zebra-Chips-Krankheit der Kartoffeln mit dem Karottenanbau zu tun?
Publ. Agroscope, Wädenswil. Agroscope Merkblatt Nr. 45, Juni, 2016, 1-3 pp.

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